Türkiye’nin Balık Uzmanı olarak, balıkla ilgili birçok soruyla karşılaşıyoruz. İşte Dardanel’e en sık sorulan sorular ve bizim cevaplarımız.

What is tuna fish?

Tuna fish is very rich in Omega 3 and Selenium, and is a fish species living only in clean waters

What is the benefit of Selenium and Selenoneine?

Selenium is a utilizable trace element that is naturally found in many foods, added to some foods, and plays a protective role against damages in reproduction, thyroid hormone metabolism, DNA synthesis as well as oxidative damage and infection. Fish and other sea products are good sources for bio-beneficial selenium. Antioxidant activity of selenium plays a protective role in 50 human diseases, including prostate, lung, small bowel/colon cancer, immune deficiency and cardiac diseases.

Recently a new form of selenium, selenoneine was discovered in tuna fish. The name of selenoneine was derived from selenium and ergothioneine. Selenoneine is scattered throughout the various tissues of the tuna fish. The highest concentration of it was detected in the tuna fish blood. Similar levels were also found in the blood of mackerels. Selenoneine has a strong antioxidant capacity. It protects heme proteins against iron auto-oxidation. It is also a protective component against radicals and mercury toxicity. 100 g of Dardanel Tuna fish is a significant source of selenium with its 0,5 mg/kg of selenium content.

Is Dardanel Tuna natural?

Dardanel Tuna is natural. Only tuna fish, oil/water and salt are used in its contents. There are not extra preservatives or additives. Its naturality comes not from the farm but from the fish of the clean seas.

Do the fishers of Dardanel Tuna harm the nature?

Dardanel supports fishery in West Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans in compliance with the rules and seasons established by ICCAT. Dardanel does not work with any fisher who does not hold a Dolphin Safe and Friend of the Sea certificate.

What is the difference of Tuna fish from other fish?

Tuna fish is a species of fish leading a life under the depths of the open seas and feeding on natural ways. It is richer in protein and minerals compared to farm fish.

What is the difference of Dardanel Tuna from other brands?

Quality Yellowfin tuna species from clean seas is packaged as a solid and whole slice product with the most advanced technology of the world by being processed under the most hygienic conditions without the use of any additives, along with Dardanel's 30 years of experience. It comes to the meal tables as the healthiest and the most delicious tuna fish.

What are the benefits of tuna fish?

Dardanel Tuna contains protein, Omega 3, selenium and vitamin and valuable minerals in high amounts. These are very beneficial to our body. Tuna fish plays an important role in the development of intelligence and height.

Is Dardanel Tuna packaging healthy?

Dardanel Tuna uses packaging compliant to human health in standards established by the European Union and the Turkish regulations.

How much protein is in Dardanel Tuna?

100 g of Dardanel Tuna fish contains 23,5 g of protein. Consumption of 200 g of Dardanel Tuna meets the daily protein requirement of an athlete.

Why should you have protein weighted nutrition?

Protein, which is the buiding block of the body, is essential for cell renewal, growth, immune system, bones, muscles and blood cells. In addition, 1 small can (80 g) of Dardanel Tuna meets your daily requirement of selenium; and has very beneficial effects on lungs, immune system and heart.

Is Dardanel Tuna going to strengthen your memory?

Yes. Dardanel Tuna is an important food for the development of nervous system and brain. In addition, it has very positive proven effect on Alzheimer's disease.

What is the benefit of Omega-3?

It is a very valuable fatty element for cardiovascular and cellular systems, as well as the eyes and the whole immune system. It is also an important factor for skin beauty.

What is the effect of tuna fish on cardiac health?

Fish oil in Dardanel tuna increases the good cholesterol (HDL) and prevents injury to cardiac muscles. For a healthy heart, it is absolutely necessary to consume tuna fish regularly.

Which vitamins and minerals does Dardanel tuna contain?

Protein is not sufficient for the body alone. Besides protein, Dardanel Tuna also contains valuable minerals such as selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron and vitamins B12, A, D, E and K.

Should Dardanel Tuna be consumed during pregnancy?

As well as providing a healthy pregnancy period, Omega 3 contained by Dardanel Tuna has also positive effects for children in terms of the formation of nervous system and eye retina.

Is there any heavy metal risk in Dardanel tuna?

There are extreme amounts of heavy metals in polluted seas. There is no such problem in clean oceans where Dardanel catches the tuna fish, and this is proved in the analyses performed by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

Is there any effect of eating fish on skin beauty?

Dardanel tuna fish one of the best sources of protein that gives brightness to the skin. Besides skin, it is also important for hair, nails and eyes.

How long can Dardanel Tuna be stored at home?

Canned Dardanel Tuna in Vegetable Oil and Dardanel Tuna in Olive Oil can be stored safely for 5 years, and Light Dardanel Tuna for 3 years.

Which is the right place for storing Canned and Pouched Dardanel Tuna fish?

It is not necessary to keep Dardanel Tuna in the refrigerator. You can keep it under room temperature.

Once I open it, within how many days should I consume it?

Remaining Dardanel Tuna preserves its freshness and taste for 2-3 days by adding some oil in a glass container and keeping it in the refrigerator with its lid closed.

Can I consume Dardanel Tuna if it is close to the expiration date?

Yes, you can. Expiry date for our products, which is the duration that the product can safely be consumed, is determined and assigned through shelf life studies. Besides, Dardanel Tuna gets more delicious as it is kept in the oil. You can eat Dardanel Tuna with peace of mind before the expiry date.

Is Dardanel Tuna recommended during the Ramadan?

Dardanel Tuna is a food which is a source of energy. Consuming foods containing carbohydrates, especially in the sahur and iftar menus, will quickly make you hungry. Dardanel Ton, a source of protein, is a light and satisfying food that keeps you full. It also has a halal food certificate.

Why is fish recommended when dieting?

Omega-3 fatty acids contained by fish reduce fat accumulation in the body by neutralizing enzymes that cause carbohydrates to turn into fat. Moreover, Dardanel Light Tuna does not contain any external fats.

How much Dardanel Tuna should I consume?

You can consume it as much as you want with peace of mind. Excess consumption is not harmful; on the contrary it is useful.

Is there any mercury risk in Dardanel Tuna products?

It is possible to come by mercury residues in all sea products. It is directly proportional to the age, size and the place of fish where it was hunted. Fish in our Dardanel products are hunted in areas where the oceans and seas are not polluted by industrial or chemical wastes. Therefore, there is no risk of mercury in Dardanel tuna fish hunted without harming the nature in the clean waters of the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. Dardanel only uses Skipjack and Yellowfin species of Tuna fish. Besides having no risk of mercury in this species of fish which has a life span of 3 years, it is very beneficial to human health.

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